About Us

Lindsey Bascelli & Alyssa Inch

According to the stars, we’re soulmates (Pisces & Scorpio). Based on our experience building a friendship, a business and also just trying to survive mom life together, we would absolutely agree.

Wild Briar Vintage was born in January 2021 after we bonded over the thrill of finding unique vintage pieces and decided to turn our passion projects into one full blown business. We met initially in 2019 as we were restocking our neighboring spaces at a local vintage shop. Our friendship was fast, our style was cohesive, and combining efforts seemed like a natural step as we continued to grow.

We both share a strong love for sourcing vintage goods, but the real key to our collab is that we also love styling them. We’re both inspired by pieces from all eras, as long as they fit into the moody and romantic vignettes we enjoy creating. Alongside selling online, we are soon opening our first storefront in Columbia, PA where we will continue to style our finds in a way that can easily translate to your own home. We believe vintage items can add character and beauty to any living space, and we’ve made it our goal to show you how.